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The SIMPLYGOODS Team is experienced, competent, purposeful and innovative in the development and creative in the problem solving. From international markets, we consolidate the best of the industries in one interdisciplinary team in order to deliver unique packaging solutions to our customers that we develop jointly and implement systematically.

Managing Director SIMPLYGOODS GmbH
For 25 years, Mrs. Michaela Birnbacher has, in managerial positions, been responsible for the execution of complex projects in the sales of advertising materials (textile, tin boxes, synthetics). she has an extensive practical experience as a structural partner of international companies, in the implementation of effective strategies including process structuring as well as in the field of product development. Her core competencies are in the fields of Controlling, Import/Export, Logistics and cooperation management.

Global Sourcing Manager SIMPLYGOODS GmbH
For the last 12 years, Mrs. Katja Glatz has acquired a profound knowledge in the fields of sales, processing of orders and logistics. She has worked in several European countries in the advertising industry as well as in the luxury segment retail industry in executive positions. She is responsible for the preparation of proposals, production monitoring, partner management, processing of orders and logistics.